Confessions of a Bookworm

I am a book-lover, which means I am not only a voracious reader, but also a book collector. One of my sisters called me a book connoisseur. I was pleased to hear that, but only I know the reality.

I am a book-dragon!

I hoard books like a dragon hoards gold in ancient tales. I might breathe fire if someone tries to damage or misplace my book!

Like every other bookworm, my TBR pile is always 5 times taller than the books I have read over a particular span of time. Yet I never stop buying books.

I’m always eyeing those ornate leather-bound editions but I end up buying a pre-owned or paperback edition because honestly, I don’t have a budget of a hundred dollars for one book. Yet I believe that one day I’ll have my own library at my home with all those beautiful editions.

When my friends bought new phones with their first salaries, I bought a Kindle with mine.

I never plan what to read next. After finishing a book, I spend a considerable time in researching which book to read. I also read multiple books at a time, provided they all are from different genres and have different pace.

Sometimes I choose books according to seasons, sometimes according to my mood, and sometimes randomly. I love going for treasure hunts at pre-owned book-sales to find some lesser known, yet captivating books.

I have a number of half-finished books on my shelf. While I was reading them, I had probably found something more interesting to read, and left them with a promise of returning to them. Some of them were bought only because of the hype. I had to stop reading them because I didn’t want to loathe them too much.

I love reading classics. I love poetry. I dream of visiting Dove Cottage.

I am not much into contemporary thrillers or horrors, but I do enjoy mysteries, fantasies and adventure stories. Once in a while I read rom-com books too. When I take a break from fiction, I read books on history and nature. I also read books about stillness, peace and comfort. When I go through a reader’s block, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks, or binge-watch my favourite web series again.

Sometimes I do get beguiled by a pretty cover, but I don’t usually buy a book without reading a bit about it– even if it has received great reviews.

There were times in my life when I had been completely alone. I could have felt terribly lonely and sad, but my books didn’t let me. There is always a book by my head when I sleep, there’s always a book in my bag when I am travelling, and there’s always a book in the orders section of an online shopping site, waiting to reach me, no matter where I am.

Books are the Elixir of Life for me. They have kept me alive.

Published by Ria Banerjee

In love with books, literature and writing.

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