Making It Through Hard Times: Books, Movies and Rumi’s Poetry

It has been a difficult week for me. A bad cold, a sore throat and nasal blockage wouldn’t let me sleep at night. Every muscle and joint of my body was aching. Even the slightest work seemed to require a huge effort.

Sometimes I just wished to leave everything and go somewhere far away, where I could spend my days lying down in bed all day.

I began reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when I couldn’t sleep at night. I am almost halfway through the book. Harry Potter works like an antidote to my illness. I feel as if I am travelling back in time, to my school days. I was in love with Harry Potter!

I cannot describe in words how I had felt when I read the books for the first time. Every time a new Harry Potter book arrived, a new door opened. Each chapter, each word, each letter seemed to carry a hidden treasure. Those were indeed magical times, the traces of which still remain in my heart.

Speaking of magical times, I am reminded of a film which I had often watched as a teenager. I had developed a fascination for charm bracelets, diaries with lock and key, and songs of Backstreet Boys.

The Princess Diaries‘ had them all in one package. It was my go-to film for boosting my confidence. Princess Mia’s journey inspired me. Her relationships warmed my heart.

There are some beautiful lines and quotes in the film that I always remembered. I am writing one here:

‘Courage is not the absence of fear, it is rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.’

Can you imagine how powerful that sentence is?

Recently I watched ‘The Princess Diaries’ again. Surprisingly, I realized that my feelings for this film hasn’t faded at all. In fact I felt and understood everything at a deeper level.

I wanted to reach even deeper into myself, and therefore I immersed myself into Rumi‘s poetry.

Our senses cannot fathom the love in his poems. Each line clears up a layer of mist from the mirror, and in the end you see the reality as it is: a reality that is love.

Rumi’s poems make me still. I try to stay with each word for a while. They go beyond everything and through everything, and reach the core of my being.

I have a copy of Rumi’s selected poems. It is my own little haven of peace. In trying times, I gather and nurture love from it.

There are a few more wonderful things which happened during this week amidst all the difficulties.

I have taken up an online art class. It was something I had always wanted to do but kept postponing it for several years. Now I am quite excited.

I have made a collection of Charles Dickens’s Centennial Edition books. I absolutely adore the dark green faux-leather binding and spine adorned in vintage golden patterns and letterings.

I have started reading a book called ‘Midnight in Everwood‘ by M.A. Kuzniar, a retelling of the story of Nutcracker. It my book-club read for this month and I’m hoping to enjoy it thoroughly.

After writing it all, when I am looking back at the past week, I can see how the little wonderful things have made my days better. It is often these little things that leave the most profound impression on our minds.

Published by Ria Banerjee

In love with books, literature and writing.

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