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Making It Through Hard Times: Books, Movies and Rumi’s Poetry

It has been a difficult week for me. A bad cold, a sore throat and nasal blockage wouldn’t let me sleep at night. Every muscle and joint of my body was aching. Even the slightest work seemed to require a huge effort. Sometimes I just wished to leave everything and go somewhere far away, whereContinue reading “Making It Through Hard Times: Books, Movies and Rumi’s Poetry”


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Hi! I’m Ria. I live and breathe in the magical world of books and I love to write about them. It all began when I was seven years old, and my father gave me a beautiful collection of folktales from around the world. It was impossible to stop me from reading from that day onward. More than twenty years have passed, and I feel even more thrilled to read books and talk about them. Want to join me on this bookish adventure?

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