Making It Through Hard Times: Books, Movies and Rumi’s Poetry

It has been a difficult week for me. A bad cold, a sore throat and nasal blockage wouldn’t let me sleep at night. Every muscle and joint of my body was aching. Even the slightest work seemed to require a huge effort. Sometimes I just wished to leave everything and go somewhere far away, whereContinue reading “Making It Through Hard Times: Books, Movies and Rumi’s Poetry”

Confessions of a Bookworm

I am a book-lover, which means I am not only a voracious reader, but also a book collector. One of my sisters called me a book connoisseur. I was pleased to hear that, but only I know the reality. I am a book-dragon! I hoard books like a dragon hoards gold in ancient tales. IContinue reading “Confessions of a Bookworm”